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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to general questions about CLIP.

About CLIP

CLIP is a globally relevant and accessible intellectual property rights awareness platform, providing information to increase knowledge around creators’ rights. CLIP offers a relevant information and testimonies that help creators learn how their industry works, and how they can ensure they are recognized and rewarded for their work.

CLIP is delivered by WIPO for Creators, a partnership between the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation (MRAF), with the support of key creative industry organizations and sponsors from the public and private sector.

CLIP is designed for creators around the world, starting with music and with the aim to cover other creative sectors in future releases. If you are involved in the music industry and you want to know your industry, rights and how to get recognized and rewarded for your work, CLIP version 1.0 is for you. If you are a creator in another field, stay tuned, CLIP for you will come.

CLIP is launched in English and will soon be available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

The creative industries can be complicated, and you just want to create. CLIP helps you to understand your industry, your rights, and your responsibilities, by explaining easily what can sometimes be complex. CLIP allows you to learn from creators, for creators.

We plan expanding CLIP to cover other creative industries, while further enriching the music topics.

CLIP is available all around the world, with no geographical restrictions. If you are having trouble accessing CLIP, please let us know.

Yes, it is free to access CLIP. However, please bear in mind that terms of use apply.

No, you cannot get counselling via CLIP. CLIP provides globally relevant information, but if you are seeking legal advice, we recommend you contact a copyright lawyer or other intellectual property professional.

How to use CLIP

CLIP version 1.0 covers a broad range of information about the music industry and there are different ways to access CLIP’s content. If you are looking for something specific, you can search for it by clicking on Search at the top of each page. If you prefer to browse, you can look through the topics, collections and articles to find the information that is relevant to you.


Topics are broad areas covering things like Songwriting, Recording, or Rights and Licensing. You can click on a topic to explore the collections of articles within it.


Collections are groups of articles that build a comprehensive overview together. For example, within the Songwriting topic, you can find collections about songwriting roles or songwriter splits. A grouping of collections make up a topic.


Each page gives you the detailed information you need to understand the subject matter. There are several articles in each collection. For example, the songwriting roles collection gives you articles about the composer and lyricist.

To support learning and understanding CLIP has a build in glossary on the content pages. The glossary is available on all words highlighted in blue. It provides a concise definition of industry terminology.

You can save collections and pages that you like or want to refer back to by clicking this bookmark icon.

Once saved, you can access them anytime under Bookmarks at the top of the screen.

The dates on content pages refer to the date the page was last updated.

CLIP would love to hear your feedback. Please click here to tell us what you think.

If you are having technical issues with CLIP, please contact us.

Account & personal data

Within your Account settings, you can click on delete account. Deleting your account will mean that you will not be able to recover your bookmarks or learning progress, even if you sign up again.