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A DJ wearing an orange jacket on a stage A DJ wearing an orange jacket on a stage

DJ mix

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What is a DJ mix?

A DJ mix is when multiple existing sound recordings are blended together.

What is a DJ mix?

DJ mixes are different from . A DJ mix is created when or combine a sequence of existing to create what’s known as mixes or DJ sets.

When creating DJ mixes, DJs use and change parts of existing and sound recordings, such as adding sounds, changing the etc. Therefore, these are typically considered and thus . Read our page on Derivative Works to learn more.

What rights are involved in creating a DJ mix?

Given that DJ mixes use existing sound recordings, the in the sound recording, the performance of the sound recording, and the underlying musical work are all involved. Therefore, the and of the , , and are applicable. You must get permission from these to use their in a DJ mix.

If the request to use a song in a DJ mix is approved, a fee will typically be paid to the music publisher and to remunerate its rights holders.

Learn more about the different types of rights in the Rights topic.

Who owns rights in DJ mixes?

When you create a DJ Mix, the rights to the parts of the musical works and sound recordings used remain with their respective . You own the rights to any new and contributions you made to the DJ mix, for example, unique sounds added. Therefore, both you and the rights holders of the original musical works and sound recordings used will share ownership of the DJ Mix. Rights holders of the musical works and sound recordings used must be and will receive a share of any income when the DJ mix is used.

Image credit: Bokeh Street