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A woman sitting on a bed with a guitar and laptop. A woman sitting on a bed with a guitar and laptop.

Direct marketing for creators

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What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a strategy that allows artists, their record label, or management, to directly contact subscribers with promotional content.

Direct marketing, for example, email or mobile application campaigns, can be a really effective tool to drive awareness for and their music, giving them a channel to:

  • Announce new releases or ask subscribers to or pre-save them

  • Offer exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes videos, demos, or early access to tickets

  • Cross-promote other channels like Spotify or social media

  • Run contests and giveaways

  • Promote live shows and where to buy tickets

  • Sell merchandise

  • Build relationships with fans, thanking them for their support

Direct marketing can be a particularly useful tool for with smaller marketing budgets, as there is an array of programs available online for artists to use free of charge.

For artists, will often have existing databases of subscribers that they can contact about new artists and music, which can be beneficial for artists just starting out and still building their fanbase.

How do subscribers sign up for a direct marketing list?

Subscribers will have signed up to receive communications from the artist or their team, usually through , , , competitions and digital advertising.

However, there are strict rules in many countries about data protection, which specify who can be contacted and under what conditions, and there may be penalties for breaking these rules.

Image Credit: Nils Emil Nylander