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A screen with many images of dancers on it. A screen with many images of dancers on it.

Music public relations

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What is public relations?

Music PR, or music public relations, is a communication strategy to create awareness and generate media coverage of artists and other creators.

The goal of music public relations, or PR, is to generate positive media coverage and increase visibility by communicating an artist’s story, music, and brand to build a connection with their audience.

It involves working with media outlets, journalists, and influencers to generate publicity. Whether you’re a new or an established , you need to connect with audiences who will become fans. Public relations can help you build a public image or that people can identify and relate to.

Here are some commonly used public relations strategies:

  • Press Releases - used to announce information such as album releases or tour dates, which are sent to media outlets, journalists, and to generate media coverage.

  • Media Relations - this is to develop relationships with journalists, editors, influencers, and bloggers in order to pitch them story ideas, interviews, or features to secure coverage.

  • Media Interviews - interviews between and journalists. This provides opportunities for artists to share their stories, discuss their music, and connect with their audience.

Other ways you can connect with audiences might be through live or online , radio or TV appearances, music events, and conferences. Networking can also provide an opportunity for creators to meet , filmmakers, and other industry professionals. It can be a great way to build relationships and get a creator’s music heard by more people.

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