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How to manage payments

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What does managing payments mean?

Managing payments means keeping accurate records of the ownership of musical works and sound recordings, ensuring they are properly identified, and knowing how and when they are used.

Understanding the management and of payments is a crucial part of being a creator, to maintain accurate records of contributions, ownership and , so that you may be properly and paid fairly.

What does it mean to manage your payments?

In order to properly manage payments, you need to keep accurate records of the ownership of and , and the payments associated with their use. This includes identifying the , , and who may have in the musical work or sound recording. This can also involve understanding the agreements you may have with other parties and the in place for the use of musical works and sound recordings.

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Managing payments also requires musical works and sound recordings with . If you’re an not working with a music publisher or record label, it may also involve negotiating licenses for the use of the musical work and sound recordings and ensuring that the terms of those licenses are being met.

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The basic starting point for proper payment management is getting identifiers for yourself, your works, and any collaborators. Keep exploring this topic to learn more.

Image credit: Martin Fabricius Rasmussen