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Understanding royalty statements

3 min read

What is a royalty statement?

Royalty statements are documents that give creators and other rights holders information about usage, earnings, and payments.

Related to a particular or , these statements are typically issued by , , and .

The information included in a statement will change depending on the use, the type of royalty being reported, the specific agreement between the parties, and which organization it comes from.

It can take a few months or longer for different to report and earnings, and for CMOs, distributors, music publishers, and record labels to pay . This means that you will usually get your royalty statements and payments a few months or more after the actual usage of a .

A royalty statement can contain a lot of information and can sometimes be difficult to understand, so contact your music publisher, record label, distributor, CMO, or music industry lawyer if you have any questions.

Image credit: Martin Fabricius Rasmussen