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What is an IPI number?

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The IPI is the unique international identifier for songwriters and music publishers.

It uniquely and accurately identifies them, links them to musical works, and helps get them paid.

What is an IPI number?

IPI, or Interested Party Information, is a unique identification system that will assign an IPI number, 11 digits long, to a contributor, such as a , or any other legal person or entity that has an interest in a , such as a . It is used to identify and their affiliation agreement and serves as the identifier when linked to a musical work registered with a CMO.

Using IPI numbers to identify contributors or rights holders helps CMOs distribute royalties, renumerations and other payments to those parties. This makes the payment accounting process much easier and more accurate as each contributor or rights holder can be identified by their IPI number rather than relying solely on their name. This is especially important in the case of people or organizations that may have the same name, unusual spelling, or unique characters in their names.

Who is the IPI number for?

An IPI number is typically for songwriters — which includes any contributing songwriting roles like , or , for example. We have more information about songwriters in our topic on Songwriting Roles.

Music publishers are also assigned IPI numbers.

If you use a pseudonym, alias, or stage name, or you are both a songwriter and a music publisher, then you may have more than one IPI number for each of those identities.

How do you get an IPI number?

To get an IPI number, you must register as a member of a CMO that is a member or client of . Once registered, you will receive an IPI number from your CMO. Information about you and your IPI number will be securely held in an international database managed by on behalf of CISAC so other CMOs around the world can also identify you when your musical works are used.

If you’re already a member of a CMO but aren’t sure of your IPI number, you can usually find this in your account information, or you can contact your CMO’s membership service.

Visit the CISAC websites to learn more.

Why is an IPI number important?

The IPI number is how you, as a songwriter or music publisher, will always be identified whenever you contribute to and a musical work. It is unique and essential for getting paid for the use of your musical works. Think of it just like you would think of your social security number, remember it, and always use it on every musical work you contribute to.

Image credits: Martin Fabricius Rasmussen