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Master rights

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What are master rights?

Master rights mean the ownership and control of all rights in a sound recording.

What are master rights?

Master rights are all rights attached to a giving control over how that sound recording is used, including the right to , , , and it.

This applies, for example, when sound recordings are streamed, downloaded, or purchased as vinyl records or CDs. It also gives its owner the right to collect from when the sound recording is played on radio, television, webcasting, or in public places such as bars, restaurants, clubs, or shops.

These rights are all part of the protected by .

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Who owns the master rights?

Master rights belong to the person or company that made the sound recording – the owner of the sound recording, sometimes called , who often is the that financed the entire creation process. However, who create their own sound recordings also own their master rights. The legal term for the sound recording owner is the .

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Image credit: Martin Fabricius Rasmussen