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A person holding a camera at a concert. A person holding a camera at a concert.

Publicity and image rights

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What are publicity and image rights?

Publicity and image rights mean a person’s rights in how they are represented.

What are publicity or image rights?

Publicity and image rights are in many countries naturally granted to people and sometimes corporations. In other countries, they also exist in other forms.

Publicity rights include your rights to your image, which are distinct from the in a work that represents you. For example, your authorization may be required for certain uses of a photograph representing you, but the photograph belongs to the photographer, who also has to agree as the owner of the photograph.

publicity and image rights are related to their , and they need to be granted for certain uses of works representing them. Therefore, they help creators get paid, for example, in advertising.

Who has publicity or image rights?

All creators have these rights, just like any other person, but when managing your image is part of your career, especially if you become famous, these rights can be even more important.

These rights are implemented in different ways around the world, and you should consult with a local attorney for more guidance.

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