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How performers and sound recordings are identified

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Why are industry identifiers important?

Identification is essential for accurate crediting and payments.

Here, when talking about , we are only referring to identifiers in relation to and . and have their own set of identifiers too.

To learn more about all key industry identifiers, visit the Getting Credited and Paid topic.

How are performers and sound recordings identified?

When identifying performers and sound recordings, there are two types of industry identifiers that are essential for managing and getting and paid when your sound recordings are used:

Identifiers for performers – the most important ones are and

Identifiers for sound recordings – the

These identifiers are the foundation on which manage and distribute money, making sure the money they collect from music users is distributed accurately and efficiently.

When you your or sound recording with a CMO, you must provide all necessary information, including the exact title of the sound recording, the correctly spelled full names, and IPN numbers or other identifiers of all parties involved.

Why are industry identifiers important when registering sound recordings?

CMOs, , and other organizations around the world need this information to be able to effectively and efficiently credit, track, and pay you when your sound recordings are used. Many other companies making available and distributing sound recordings, for example, also rely on this information to track and report uses of sound recordings for payments.

Image credit: Eric Ivar Persson, Parapix