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What is a main artist?

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This can be a performer or group of performers.

A main artist can be a band or lead performer credited for the sound recording.

Main Artist

The main artist, sometimes also referred to as the lead artist, releasing artist, featured artist, or primary artist, is a performer or group of performers as the artist mainly featuring on stage or on the sound recording. A main artist can be a solo performer, a band, or an orchestra. These performers can be artists or to a .

What rights does a main artist have?

The main artist usually has all or a share of the in the and the , as well as the right to be credited as the main artist, though this depends on the terms of the . In addition, if you are the main artist and wrote or co-wrote the musical work, you may also have a share of the in the and be entitled to a .

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If the main artist is a band, these rights may all be shared between the band members. But that is subject to each member's contributions and their agreements.

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Image credit: Jakob Johansson, Parapix