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What types of dispute resolution methods are there?

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How can creators resolve a dispute?

To resolve a dispute, there are various options available to creators and rights holders to help resolve the issue.

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Disputes can arise over ownership, , of a or or other rights such as and .

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Some options for resolving disputes are less formal and may be based on agreements between the , , or third parties involved in the dispute themselves. Other options may require more formal proceedings.

The main methods of dispute resolution available to creators, other rights holders, and third parties are:

  • , such as , and

  • Court proceedings, which can be civil proceedings or criminal proceedings

Before you engage in any dispute resolution process, it's best to seek legal advice, which might be provided by your or a lawyer. It's also recommended that you prepare any evidence to support your case, such as copies of agreements, communication about splits, or any other evidence relevant to the dispute in question.

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