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What is licensing?

Licensing means giving someone permission or getting permission from someone to do something.

Before you explore some of the most common licenses in the music business, it is essential to understand what licensing is and how it works.

What is licensing?  

In the music industry, licensing is the process of giving or getting permission to use a , , or for a particular purpose.

Only have the to authorize the use of their musical works, performances, and sound recordings.

A can also grant licenses for certain uses, either when assigned by the rights holders or for .

By granting a license, normally in exchange for a fee, the authorizes the to use musical works, performances, and sound recordings, while rights holders retain their rights.

All rights holders must agree with a particular use of the musical work or sound recording, which they can do by signing the same license or issuing separate licenses.

Image credit: Martin Fabricius Rasmussen