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A woman sitting at a desk in a recording studio. A woman sitting at a desk in a recording studio.

Working solo when songwriting

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What does it mean to write a song solo?

Working solo means you are the only songwriter involved in the creation of a musical work .

Working solo as a involves writing the music or of a , or both, without any contributions from other songwriters​​. 
While working solo means you need to be capable in and inspired for multiple songwriting roles - also being the only songwriter means you are the sole owner of that musical work and can make your musical work with a simpler.  

Copyright ownership when working solo 

If you are the only one who has made an original contribution to the musical work, you are the only under , and thus the sole . You will own all the automatically. You will receive 100% of the earnings whenever the musical work is used.

However, if you eventually sign with a , you may contractually agree on a of the rights and royalties with them.

More information can be found on the Songwriter Splits page.

Image credit: Nils Emil Nylander